Vacation planning is never easy. You have to set a budget, then pick places to visit. You have to know what to pack, and who to bring along.

Not to mention you must book accommodation and activities.

If you feel that planning is too much, well help you out. Below, well mention 5 criteria on how to pick a good vacation country.

Well also recommend a country that fits the criteria.

(1)All Year Summer Vacations

Many countries have a thriving tourism industry. But some rely heavily on tourist income. So they need to offer better services to travelers.

Since it is summer, you want a country that excels in summer services. Summer services include spas, clear beaches, and a care for marine environment.

The Equatorial Line!

At the equator, its summer all-year round.

Consider a summer vacation there. Youll find services that cater to the natural heat and humidity of the location.

Obviously, the place has to have a coastline. So you cant pick a land-locked country.

(2) Massive Water Territory

Here, its not just about enjoying beaches. Its also about enjoying marine activities.

You need a place where you can surf, and ride the water as you wish.

If possible, the location should provide marine life exploration. So you want boat trips that explore nature.

You see, water territory is vital for a good summer vacation. Otherwise, youre stuck on-land, possibly in an unenjoyable desert environment.

More Sophisticated Activities

Dinner with beautiful scenery is an activity of choice at coastlines.

The scenery is not something you get in-city. At most, you can find a fancy restaurant. But you still cant isolate factors outside, such as the noisy traffic.

Another sophisticated activity would be booking a cruise ship. You can have a fun-time slowly riding the seas, and relaxing from society all-together.

Its less people, and more natural. And speaking of less people.

(3) Find an Unknown Vacation Spot

Its a measure that ensures privacy.

Dont travel to big cities. Avoid high population cosmopolitan areas. Those are well-known, so you should have trouble there.

Your travel spot doesnt have to be in a remote area. Were not asking you to isolate yourself from society.

Look for a location whose name doesnt ring a bell in peoples heads.

Small Tip: Very Small Countries

Well-known countries are large in territory, if not in population.

A smaller country is usually regional. Its mostly known to bordering countries. And such countries are so small, theyre usually pacifist.

So its safe. Theres so social or political instability, and you can stay there in peace.

A good choice would be small island countries. Youll find plenty on equatorial lines, across both the Pacific and Atlantic.

(4) Make Sure It is Festive

You dont want a country with a busy vibe to it. After all, vacations are for fun, not to make business deals.

The countrys atmosphere should be relaxed. People should have a naturally social and happy culture, one that isnt pushy.

And thats where being festive comes in. Social countries are known for multiple festivals, which we advise you explore.

Some countries have multiple festivals a year. And they explore everything from the arts, to nature, and even sports tournaments!

(5) Avoid Poverty

Dont travel to a poor country. Youll have a miserable time fending off hustlers and beggars.

Its not a good choice if youre naturally shy. Or if you look like a foreigner, being a prime target to scams and hustles.

Pick a country thats economically developed. It doesnt have to be rich. It should simply be good enough to ensure the happiness of its populace.

Also,avoiding poor and run down destination ensures that your living standards dont suffer. You want a vacation thats environmentally healthy, not one that ruins your soul.

Any suggestions?

Yes. We recommend you travel to Barbados!

Its a country that fits all summer relaxation criteria. Its equatorial, while excelling at providing summer services.

The countrys economically developed, and it has a social gathering culture, with multiple festivals a year.

The countrys a true heaven during summer-time. And if you didnt know, its always summer time in Barbados!

We recommend you start reading more about Barbados and plan a relaxing holiday with an escape to this enchanted Caribbean island.

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