Amsterdam is famous for a lot of reasons – its culture, its laws on Marijuana, and its colorful architecture. Because Amsterdam offers you a lot of excitement and experiences, tourists never miss an opportunity to document these things. In fact, there are some tourists who come here to simply take photos of the culture in the city. 
As a first-timer, of course, you want to visit all those places that make Amsterdam a go-to place. You also want to take photos like a pro and post it on Instagram. But where do you start? Read on below for a list of places to take instagrammable photos.

“Wake me up when I’m famous” bench
– this photo stop is literally a wall mural with a bench right in front of it. There are a lot of people who have taken photos on this bench and you can join the bandwagon by striking a pose with the mural as your background.

Among the three major canals of Amsterdam is Prinsengracht. Easily considered as one of the most instagrammed places in Amsterdam, this canal is famous for housing The Anne Frank House. The Anne Frank House, although a photo opportunity in itself, is one of the must-see museums whenever you visit Europe. But apart from the houses, the Prinsengracht canal is a great place to take photos of the daily life of the locals. You see them in bikes or small boats along the canal. If you’re into taking city photos, then put this place on your list. Not only is the area teeming with life, there are also colorful houses that are lined up right beside the canal.

Although this place is a hotel, tourists still visit even without a booking because of its unique architecture. The Inntel Hotel is a green and blue building that looks like it’s a 3D puzzle. The architecture looks as if several Amsterdam houses were stacked one on top of the other.

Rederij Paping is a small boat trip along the canals of Amsterdam where you can see the city’s sites and soak up the atmosphere on these iconic waterways. Amsterdam is a pretty dog friendly city and great place to travel with dogs, second only to the UK for dog lovers, and this attraction is positively welcoming for four legged friends who can ride along with passengers.

Probably one of the busiest places in Amsterdam is the place where you’ll find the I Amsterdam sign. If you’re looking for an obligatory tourist photo, nothing screams tourist as this sign! Facing a pond with floating flowers, the city sign is always a great place to take photos of scene, architecture, and culture in one. 

If you’re lucky enough to visit during the yearly Amsterdam Lights Festival
celebration, then this event immediately gets into your list of photo places in Amsterdam. The festival takes place in the Herengracht canal where a lot of sculptures are lit at night. Visitors are welcome to interact with the sculptures and take photos while they’re at it.

To break the continuous scenes of canals and houses, you can visit NDSM for a fair share of mural art and cafes. Here, you’ll be able to chill and drink coffee while taking photos of the scenery itself. With a lot of people walking around, you’ll definitely find a spot that makes it instagram-worthy. Besides, you can always pose right in front of a mural.

The 7 Most Instagram-worthy Places In Amsterdam